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Lezhin Comics
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30 Oct 2018 00:00
31 Dec 2018 00:00


Lezhin Comics is looking for freelance Korean-English translators!

We are a Korean start-up focused on bringing premium webtoon content to readers around the world. We offer a variety of genres that range from action, sci-fi, BL, GL, mature, and everything in between.

We are looking for proficient and punctual Korean to English translators who not only have a native (or near-native) understanding of slang and colloquialisms in both languages, but also have a genuine passion for comics and storytelling.

If you are interested in this position, please send us an English resume and cover letter (it doesn't have to be long - tell us a little about yourself! We would especially love to hear about your non-technical writing/translation/editing experience), and two sample translations from two different Lezhin comics listed below.

- BL: 세워요 기사님! / 너와의 거리
- Romance: 연필의 각도 / 아람이랑 삽니다!
- GL: 율하엔딩 / 인스턴트 글라스
- Action: 모기전쟁 / 백은아란전
- Slice of Life: 하루의 하루 / 자살소년
- Mystery: 김철수씨 이야기 / 탐정 메모리즈
- Period: 조국과 민족 / 여혜

Please make sure sample translations are of an entire episode (not from a short prologue) and from two different genres. Translation samples should be sent either in an Excel sheet or a Word document with the Korean dialogue and sound effects on the left, and the English on the right. Applicants located in Korea are preferred, but exceptions can be made.

Due to the number of applicants, we are unable to reply to everyone, but successful applicants can expect a reply within two weeks. Applications and inquiries should via email. Our rates are by word and competitive, and will be discussed with successful applicants.

**We are always hiring and accept applications on an ongoing basis.
**Applications without sample translations will not be considered.


- Accurate and well-written localization and translations of Korean comics into English



  • Korean (Korean South Korea)
    Advanced (Upper)
  • English (English U.S.)
    Advanced (Upper)

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