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Seoul Tourism Organization
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Visa Sponsor


₩2,500,000 ~ ₩3,000,000 / Monthly

Application Period

18 Jul 2017 12:00
30 Jul 2017 18:00


Company Overview: The Seoul Tourism Organization is established by the Seoul Metropolitan Government to promote outstanding tourism attractions and services for the city of Seoul, and to become a key player in Seoul’s efforts to become a 21st century economic and cultural hub. STO’s functions and projects include tourism marketing, conventions, investments, and development.

Job description

1) Business associated with on-line marketing including Discover Seoul Pass and One More Trip (Mobile Tourism Marketplace).

2) Responding to customers’ phone/email-based inquiries/complaints concerning Discover Seoul Pass and One More Trip (Mobile Tourism Marketplace), etc.

3) Survey of tourism marketing carried out by major cities in foreign countries regarding issuance and operation of tourist pass.

4) Survey of foreign users of Discover Seoul Pass and analysis of relevant trends.

5) Drawing up PR/marketing materials (e.g. press releases, articles, translation of relevant materials, etc.) for foreigners both in and out of the country.

6) Operation of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc.) for Discover Seoul Pass and One More Trip.

7) On-line PR/marketing-related onsite survey, special events, and interviews with relevant celebrities.

8) Provision of support including interpretation for Seoul tourism marketing-related events.

9) Other assigned work concerning Seoul tourism marketing.

- Official website : http://www.seoulwelcome.com


Work condition

1) Type of employment: Contractual employees
2) Employment period/salary
3) Assignment : On-line marketing editor
4) Employment period : Date of employment - until the end of 2017
5) Place of work: Headquarters of Seoul Tourism Marketing or a place separately designated by Seoul Tourism Marketing
6) Work hours: 9:00 - 18:00 [5 days (40 hours) a week]
7) Benefits: Coverage by National Pension/Health/Employment/Industrial Disaster Insurance and provision of meal allowance



  • English
  • Japanese
  • Chinese


  • F-2 (Residential)
  • F-4 (Overseas Koreans)
  • F-5 (Permanent Residence)
  • F-6 (Spouse of a Korean National)


○ Native speaker of a non-Korean language residing in Korea (including second generation Koreans)
○ Interested in positively publicizing SMG’s tourism policy/business including Discover Seoul Pass and One More Trip.
○ Experienced in on-line marketing activities associated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc.
○ Experience in on-line marketing or similar work is preferred.
- Copywriting, customer consultation, handling customer complaints, homepage/social media operation, on-line marketing
○ Non-Korean with intermediate-level (or higher) Korean proficiency (reading, writing, and speaking)
- Good ability to communicate in Korean
○ Visa holder for employment
- F2 (F6), F4, F5, etc.

※ Matters applicable to all applicants

-No prerequisite for academic background and no age restriction.
-Possess good communication skills.
-Korean males should have completed or been exempted from compulsory military service.
-Those deemed not to be disqualified based on our in-house personnel regulations.
-Those disabled or eligible for employment benefits under the Act on the Honorable Treatment and Support for Persons, etc. of Distinguished Service to the State will receive special consideration.

Application Details

How to apply

1) Period: Date of announcement - until 7/30/2017 (Sun)
2) Via JobSeekr
※ Be sure to state your name/area of application (e.g. John Smith; English Editor) in the subject and the attached file when submitting via email.

Document-based screening and interview

1) Those who passed the document-based screening will be announced on 8/1/2017.
2) Interview: Scheduled for 8/2/2017
※ Results for each stage will be sent individually
※ The schedule for document-based screening and interview is subject to change, depending on our situation.
3) Work to commence on 8/7/ 2017 (Mon).

Required documents

1) Application and self-introduction
-Please use our provided forms.
-Applicable to all
※ Please be sure to state your visa type and write your self-introduction both in Korean and your native language.
2) School graduation certificate
-Applicable to all
(Submit transcripts for college and graduate school, for holders of master’s degree or higher)
3) Career certificate
-Select one from career certificate, employment certificate, certificate of obtaining/losing the status for health insurance, and national pension subscription certificate
4) Employment support eligibility certificate -If applicable
5) Disability certificate -If applicable
6) Copies of license -If applicable
7) Education course completion certificate -If applicable

※ Applicants for the post of editor shall submit a copy of their ID (e.g. Alien Registration Certificate) stating their visa type
Must have a valid work visa (ex: F2, F4, F6, etc.)

Contact Details

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