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Classic Cartoon
medical foreigners tourism freelance interpretation


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Application Period

12 Jan 2015 09:00
19 Jan 2015 18:00


Global Classic Cartoon, having taken its historical first step with the best cultural and arts performance business in Korea in 2011, is rapidly growing as a specialized global company not only in the area of performance planning but also specialized medical tourism businesses targeted at an extensive range of country. In particular, the company is making contribution towards enhancing of the status of Korea through catering of overseas patients, which is one of the company’s core businesses and by establishing the best medical service system in Korea through execution of systematic procedures and exhaustive follow-up management. Moreover, the Classic Cartoon, having confirmed the unlimited potentials of the Asian, USA and European markets, is realizing the visions of the company by promptly coping and responding to the changes and creations in the markets. Above all, the company is sincerely fulfilling our role in making contribution towards national progresses in alignment with the trends of the era under the core aims of cultural exchange and enhancement of friendly relationship with other countries as well as securing its place in the national competitive arena. Our company shall continue to realize more idealistic dreams wanted and being pursued by our current society through business alliance in medical tourism and performance planning with companies in multinational countries, and performs the role of a hub of Korea equipped with dignity and sensibility on the basis of extensive range of accomplishments that we have attained. We shall endeavor to demonstrate the true colors of the Classic Cartoon by treading the righteous path and acting from the heart without loosing the initial attitude we had for the goals of further advancement and innovation of true international services by transcending the boundaries of Asia.

We are hiring Medical Tourism Coordinators who are able to attract foreign patients.


We are hiring Medical Tourism Coordinators who are able to attract foreign patients. Medical tourism is a new dynamic industry being actively supported by the Korean government. As a registered company with an official licence from the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Classic Cartoon is currently recruiting medical tourism coordinators. As an expert in attracting foreign patients, Classic Cartoon is bringing about profit creation through the provision of useful information as well as medical services.

해외환자 유치가 가능한 의료관광코디네이터(개인 프리랜서)를 모집하고 있습니다. 의료관광은 신성장 동력산업으로 한국정부가 적극적인 지원을 하고 있는 분야입니다. 당사는 보건복지부를 통한 정식허가 등록업체로써 현재 해외환자 유치가 가능한 의료관광코디네이터를 채용하고 있습니다. 클래식 카툰은 외국인 해외환자 유치 전문기업이기에 외국인들에게 유익한 의료서비스와 함께 고수익에 대한 실질적인 정보를 제공하고 있으며, 합법적인 거래를 통한 많은 수익창출을 있습니다.

Commission Basis:

Related medical areas: obesity, intensive-care, medical examination, plastic surgery, dentistry, ophthalmology, urology, postnatal-care etc (Gangnam area)

Commission for attracting foreign patients: 10% of total medical costs

e.g. Total costs 30,000,000KRW X 0.1 (10%) = 3,000,000KRW

*거래 의료기관 : 비만, 중증환자, 건강검진, 성형, 치과, 안과, 비뇨기과, 산후조리원 외(강남지역)

*해외환자 유치 수수료(Commission) : 총의료비의 10%

ex) 총의료비 3000만원 x 0.1(수수료 10%) = 300만원



  • Korean (Korean South Korea)
    Advanced (Upper)
  • English
    Advanced (Upper)
  • Russian
    Advanced (Upper)
  • Mongolian
    Advanced (Upper)
  • Chinese
    Advanced (Upper)

  1. Qualification: Foreigners (or Koreans) able to attract foreign patients for medical tourism
    1. Able to interpret between Korean and another language
  2. Countries: US, Europe, China, Russia (CIS Countries), Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia etc. multiethnic countries
  3. Number of Candidates: Unlimited
  4. Contracted: Individual freelancer
  5. Commission: 10% per connected patient

  1. 모집자격 : 해외환자 유치가 가능한 외국인(혹은 내국인) 모집
    1. 한국어와 자국어의 동시통역이 가능한 자
  2. 모집국가 : 미국, 유럽, 중국, 러시아(외 CIS국가), 인도네시아, 싱가포르, 몽골 등 다민족 국가
  3. 모집인원 : 제한없음
  4. 계약직 : 개인 프리랜서 계약서 작성
  5. 수수료(Commission) : 유치환자 건당 지급

Being able to interpret between Korean and one or more of the languages below.

Application Details

  1. 1st round document screening: CV and self-introduction
  2. 2nd round interview
  3. Final acceptance

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CompanyClassic Cartoon
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