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$12 / Hourly

Application Period

5 Nov 2017 19:30
3 Jan 2018 23:55


Malhana is a tech startup that believes in using language education to connect the world through common values and beliefs. Our site and web-based application promotes speaking practice with native English language tutors via on-demand, 1:1 video chat lessons, 24 hours a day, seven days a week-- without ever having to schedule an appointment. We believe that making an investment in one’s self is an opportunity to also help make the world a better place. Malhana empowers users to make an impact every time they have a conversation: For every shared chat minute, Malhana donates 2 cents on behalf of student and tutor (up to $1.20 USD per hour) towards scholarships that support education for disadvantaged communities locally and abroad. We are in our pre-launching phase and are seeking qualified individuals to be on standby to receive calls.

Two ways to participate:

1. Hourly Shift Guarantee: Sign up for one-hour shifts to be guaranteed 15 minutes of paid chat time per hour ($3), even if you receive no call requests. Hourly shifts are available for sign up on a first come, first serve basis, and you can work as little, or as long as you’d like!

2. Weekly Shift Guarantee: Sign up for 30 one-hour shifts per week to be guaranteed an average of 30 minutes of paid chat ($6) time per hour, even if you receive no call requests ($180 minimum per week)


● A competitive rate: Tutors earn 20 cents per chat minute, up to $12 an hour.

● No teaching experience necessary! We believe that all native English speakers with an encouraging attitude, patience, and a warm smile are also essential qualities to being a fantastic tutor.

● Work from the comfort of home.

● No advance preparation required. Malhana provides a content library full of fun and interesting topics for the student to choose from.

● Choose your working hours-- Log in anytime you have free time or sign up for hourly shifts or weekly shifts to guarantee up to 30 minutes of paid chat time per hour!


Malhana tutors are the bridge that help students achieve English speaking confidence and fluency by sharing meaningful, stimulating and uplifting conversation. Some of your responsibilities include:
● Be online and on standby to respond to call requests.
● Guide students on their journey as they learn English as a foreign language.
● Correct sentence structure and pronunciation.
● Engage and encourage students.



  • English

[Minimum Qualifications]
● English native speaker
● Teaching experience preferred but not necessary
● A love for learning about other cultures!
● You are reliable, warm, patient, and motivating

[Preferred Qualifications]
● TESOL/TEFOL certification
● Experience learning a foreign language. Proficiency in Korean is a plus!

[Required Equipment]
● Laptop/desktop computer
● Headset/internal mic
● Webcam
● High speed Internet connection (minimum speed 15Mbps)
● Quiet workspace

Application Details

Submit a letter of interest with the following information:

How would you like to participate as a tutor?
- Hourly Shift Tutor
- Weekly Shift Guarantee Tutor
General hours of availability

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