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Go to your profile page and click the Experience tab.


The Experience wall of Juliette.

The paper resume describes so few of your life’s valuable experiences. If you submit this antiquated document and manage to get an interview with your dream employer, great! Sadly, securing an interview has never been tougher because the traditional paper resume is only given a short glance by HR departments, and this “process” favors the superficial (e.g. well-known schools, meaningless job titles, inflated responsibilities, etc.) JobSeekr now provides you with a space to share and expand on all the experiences of your life that you believe make you a great employee and a great person!


Express your skills and personality in all its richness, variety, and depth.

Unless you’ve made a career of curling, you possess a variety of experiences that make you capable of performing in numerous employable roles. Your challenge is conveying your ability to succeed in a certain work environment to an employer, while the potential employer is faced with a pile of paper resume strangers. The anachronistic paper resume application fails both employers and employees because it doesn’t create a realistic portrayal of who you are (i.e. personality) and what you can do.

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Build your Experience wall and tell your story. Share the link with employers, friends, and family.

Now let’s go ahead and begin to add new experiences to your profile. There is no limit on how you can express yourself, which we believe is the solution to the rigid and non-transparent resume. You’re interested in marketing, so go ahead and post those stunning photographs of your summer trip to Tuvalu and describe how your participation in the King Tides Festival makes you more perceptive when approaching customer outreach. In school, did you write a fiction story, create a PowerPoint presentation, or research fluctuations in the futures market to code forecasting software? All of this can and should be represented on your Experience wall.

Visit your profile page, select the Experience tab, and click the Add Experience button.

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