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Notice for Working Holiday Visa Holders in Korea

○ You shall submit an application for foreigner registration to the immigration (branch) office with jurisdiction over your place of residence within 90 days from the entry into the Republic of Korea.

○ If you want to change your place of residence, you shall report the new address to either the immigration (branch) office or Si/Gun/Guoffice with jurisdiction over the new place of residence within 14 days after moving in.

○ You cannot engage in the following activities/occupations as they conflict with the spirit of the agreement/MOU on a working holiday program or domestic laws.

- Activities involving news coverage, politics, etc. that do not correspond to the purposes of the agreement/MOU

- Professional occupations that require specific qualifications (doctor, lawyer, professor, pilot, language instructor, private tutor, etc.)

Note: Please check the notice board of HiKorea (www.hikorea.go.kr) to find details about professional occupations.

- A service employee, dancer, singer, musical instrument player, acrobat, etc. in an adult entertainment establishment

- Stay for the sole purpose of employment without engaging in tourism activities

Note: An annual employment period cannot exceed 1,300 hours. You can engage in tourism activities or language training after working for a total of 1,300 hours for six months; or you can work for 25 hours per week for 12 months.

- Other activities contrary to the purposes of working holiday programs.

○ If you have any questions, please call the Immigration Contact Center (☎1345)

Source: HiKorea

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