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Job seekers have been applying for numerous positions with no meaningful results. Image: www.hitrecord.org

On 2015-07-26 The Korea Herald published an article on the plight of joblessness for young job seekers in Korea. In the article titled “Youth unemployment rate in Korea reaches highest in 15 years,” we read about a young college graduate who remains unemployed after applying for 60 jobs and only getting a chance to interview at three companies. If you’re currently looking for work or know someone else who is searching, this story is likely a familiar one. Searching for jobs requires a lot of energy and becoming employed on a full-time basis is becoming increasingly difficult.

Korea’s youth unemployment is currently at its highest level since 2000, according to the article. Around the world and within Korea, full-time employment opportunities are becoming more scarce. Therefore, in order to secure a source of income, many youths accept contractual or part-time positions that offer little to no job security. This means many a dream deferred for today’s young people who look forward to living autonomously and starting lives of their own as they seek to transition into adulthood.

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