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You’ve spent hours, days, or even weeks crafting the perfect resume. It highlights your greatest abilities and potential, while maintaining that fine line between maniacal egotist and ideal candidate. In the best case scenario, after submitting your resume for positions, you get a call back that starts you on the path to employment. Other times, you may not appear to receive much traction from your resume, though, in the background you are in the running for a position or were once being strongly considered.

JobSeekr believes the effort you’ve put into your resume and essential employment credentials deserves to be compensated. In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our Resume Rewards Plan, which pays you each time verified employer personal view your complete resume. It doesn’t matter whether or not you ever get the job or even receive a phone call. Once there is an official request for your resume, you can get paid, no matter what the outcome.

At this time, you need to update your seeker profile with the following information:

  • Profile image
  • First name & last name
  • Citizenship
  • Birthdate
  • Industry & language ability
  • Verified email & phone number
  • Resume

Updating your profile and resume will help ensure that you are in a position to begin benefitting immediately when the service becomes available. Please take a moment to view our Updated Terms of Agreement. Check back soon for updates.

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