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I hope you’re not reading this with bleary red eyes at 2 o’clock in the morning after another exhausting online job search. If that is the case, you’ll definitely find a sympathetic ear here within the JobSeekr community. The typical online job search is akin to a children’s game where the object is to spot the difference in a sea of uniformity. This game may have been mildly amusing at the age of five, but much less so in your twenties!

No matter what your skill set or background, there is an employer out there looking to work with you. Finding that position is a matter of reducing a torrential downpour of job posts into a light and refreshing mist. Daily/weekly email blasts spamming you with the same job posts you were ignoring last month is not the solution. Neither is scouring all the websites and forums that came up in your last Google search.

You need a resource that is dedicated to solving the unique problems that you face in an evolving employment landscape. While there is no single panacea for difficulties associated with searching for and landing jobs, there is a dedicated community at JobSeekr discovering and sharing what works.

We’d love to hear about all your job seeking experiences in the comments section below.

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