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Connect with and learn from a professional photojournalist.

In our everyday lives, when we take a moment to appreciate the people we’re surrounded by, we see some useful, interesting, and funny skills they possess. Maybe they’ve even mastered the skill after breaking the supposed 10,000 hour rule. Each and every one of us have skills that we can share with others. What would you like to become good at or possibly even master?

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Connect with Seekers for collaborations and to learn from their experience!

When you’ve viewing a profile that interests you, click the blue Connect button, circled in the above picture, and request a connection. Verified in-depth JobSeekr profiles enable you to collaborate with those who can really help you and share your interests. Are you a marketing major preparing for a job interview but worried about your Korean? Connect with a native Korean speaker in your area who also majored in marketing and is interested in discussing advertising trends in Canada. It is a win-win opportunity when you connect!


Once your Connect request is accepted, go ahead and Compose a message.


Want to learn how to water ski the Han River?

Search for a profile mentioning water skiing and Connect!

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