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Does your resume truly represent you?

Is Your Resume Useless?

Resume beyond paper

Most job seekers have the same goal in mind when it comes to writing a resume: sell the best of oneself and one's life experience in a one page document.

But did you know HR takes an average of only 6 seconds to look at a traditional resume? This highlights the need for a new type of open-form resume beyond paper. Say adios (bye) to the traditional resume and anneong (hi) to the Experience section in your JobSeekr profile. Now it's time to highlight your true talent.

Experience Tab on JobSeekr

Share your true self

Whatever your talents, experiences, or background may be, we’ve made it easier than ever to share your true self. When redesigning the profile layout on JobSeekr we asked ourselves, how do job seekers want to express themselves? Experience – clean, elegant, simple, and practical – was created with job seekers and their hidden talent in mind. Now you can paint an even better picture of who you are and what makes you perfect for the job.

Experience wins the job

Many people run into the problem of writing a complete description of themselves but leaving out the most important part of a resume: a detailed experiences section. That’s why we separated the Experience tab completely in order to fulfill that need for job seekers. Whether applying for jobs in Korea, work in Asia, or simply just freelancing in Seoul, now you can include your full experiences in detail.

Want to shine a light on your experience? Here are 3 tips to make the most out of Experience:

  1. Keep it simple enough so it’s relevant, but complex enough so that it’s believable to others.
  2. Write all your experiences from A to Z, past to present — nothing is too trivial.
  3. Connect with other seekers who have similar experiences or shared interests with you. Build a network.

Want to stand out the most and get noticed by recruiters? Add your experience now.

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