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Walking JobSeekr

At JobSeekr we put you first. We know finding the job of your dreams is not easy, so we want to help that job find you.

So you’re fluent in Korean? We know someone looking for a language specialist. Oh, and you’re certified in C++? Just the other day we had a startup looking for a new developer.

Tell us more about yourself. We guarantee the more you describe your talents, the better you’ll be matched. How do we aim to do this? Through the intersection of great technology and humanities.

In the past, only important people were head-hunted to do important work. It hurts, we know. We’re not that important either! But sometimes smaller people need to get smaller jobs done, too. Whether it be a small translation project, or a neatly photoshopped poster, finding a helping hand can often seem daunting. At JobSeekr, we want to connect people.

You wouldn’t notice from our friendly user interface, but every pixel of JobSeekr is designed from the ground up and hand-coded with love. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we’re giving it a Gangnam style makeover. What this means for you is that you get more control over your information. Seekers and recruiters will be able to find each other, just as partners do. After all, shouldn’t your work be a match made in heaven? We spend half of our waking day doing it, so it at least oughta be enjoyable. We’re just starting out but watch this space for new features.

JobSeekr was created by friends with a shared vision of connecting people. We like technology and design, and respect cultural differences. We like simplicity and efficiency, and love a good cup of coffee. We believe a healthy and happy society is one where everybody’s talents are fully recognized and utilized.